A digital badge system to support your learning model.

Achievery provides a customizable and secure digital credential and badge platform, compatible with the Open Standards, and easily integrated with your existing learning platform and curricula. Achievery supports the development of systems exclusively for competency-based schools, colleges, and innovative learning models, that are looking for a better way to recognize, verify, and connect the real skills of their students.

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Organizations can issue

Organizations can make, manage, & award digital credentials & badges and integrate them with existing learning platforms and curricula. Gain real time data and feedback on learning gains of your students.

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Students gain better understanding of their learning pathway by earning digital credentials & badges and share them anywhere online to provide proof of their skills.

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“Achievery's team knows the underlying technology and educational design needed to build high quality relevant badge systems.”
—Sunny Lee, Open Badges Product/Partner, Mozilla
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“Achievery’s badge solutions reinforce and extend our quality programming.”
—Hillary Salmons, Executive Director of the Providence After School Alliance
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“Achievery has been instrumental in bringing the Online Model United Nation's badging initiative to a global audience. Our partnership has resulted in a first of its kind badging movement within Model United Nations that is issuing digital badges in over 40 countries such as Australia, Somalia, Turkey, Zimbabwe, India, Qatar and Nigeria.”
—Lisa Martin, Director THIMUN Online Model United Nations